Comes another thrilling and breathtaking leader in its class, with features that will leave everyone breathless and amazed. His name is 2016 Mazda. 6
2016 Mazda 6 Redesign

New 2016 Mazda 6 will come with slight external changes, with new infotainment system and all-new interior. If we have a look of this new model, we can see a perfectly balanced masculinity and elegance. This is probably the best looking and most beautiful car in the category. New front fascia, new revised windscreen and beautiful LED headlights are just some of the new outdoor improvements. There are also some new colors, matt lacquer finish and specifically Carbon hood on a few orders available. New Mazda 6 is also Alloy wheels 17 inches and telescoping steering wheel. The biggest changes are made inside the cabin. This new Mazda 6 model will get a brand new dashboard. It will have a thin infotainment screen placed on top of the dashboard, rather than in her. This allows for a lower positioning of the entire instrument panel. There are also all new central console, air conditioning, USB and iPod interface, new six-speaker audio system and so on.

Engine and performance

2016 Mazda 6 will be powered by the same engine as its predecessor. That’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine is based. This engine is capable of 184 horsepower to produce 185 lb-ft of torque. New Mazda 6 is six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission. In Asian and European markets new Mazda 6 engine is as 2,2-liter diesel engine that produces 173 horsepower, available.

Release date and price

When it comes to the release date, some say rumors that new 2016 Mazda 6 will arrive in the first quarter in 2016 or in late 2015. On the other hand, when we talk about pricing, some sources say that the Price for this stunning vehicle, will be around $ 31,000 in the range of $ 22,000 (base model).


With some new and interesting changes and improvements to the interior, exterior and powertrain, the new Mazda 5 2016 his predecessor should live a way behind.
Redesign of interior and exterior

New Mazda 5 is coming very soon as a revised version of its predecessor, the Mazda 5 minivan. This great vehicle suffer some minor changes to its interior as well as some changes in the facelift. New 2016 Mazda 5 will get new and improved LED headlights and new combination rear. As far as this car is concerned, we will see the new design on the back of the large van capable. It means its lines will give the vehicle more futuristic and aesthetically powerful performance. 2016 Audi S4 Rumors and Price Exterior mirrors and air intakes will also suffer redesign. New Mazda 5 Van also comes as a more spacious vehicle than before. Up to 6 adults passengers. Its interior has been designed to give full comfort to its passengers. Materials that were used are to improve its interior with the highest quality. When we talk about the interior of the new Mazda 5, we must say that perhaps the biggest change is a new touch-screen, which we could not be found in its predecessor. Also, there is a lot of standard as well as safety features to be implemented in this car. Some of these are: parking sensors, satellite radio, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, USB ports and a new audio system.

2016 Mazda 5 drivetrain

According to some sources under the hood of the Mazda 5 2016 we will probably see two engine options. First is a 2.0-liter engine. This engine is delivering up to 155 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque able. As a second option there will be a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This can generate up to 160 horsepower and 163 lb-ft of torque. New Mazda 5 comes with manual transmission, and both AWD and FWD system. It is also possible that this van could come with some diesel, SkyActiv or even electric drive unit.

Release date and price

We expect the new 2016 Mazda 5 unveiled sometime during the first half of 2016 Expected price will be around $ 25,000.



2016 Mazda 3 will appear on the display aggressive and sporty, but at the same time with a lot of elegance, luxury and a lot of new tech features.
Outside and inside changes

2016 Mazda 3 will represent the fourth generation of this model by the Japanese company, Mazda Motor Corporation. This model is the best selling model of the company. Now he needs to meet customer expectations and long to win a lot of new. The new Mazda models with a redesigned front bumper that is eligible for a more aggressive look and better aerodynamics of the car. On the front end, we will also see a new front grille will be stylish and strong. Headlights and taillights are also going through a redesign. It will be completely new, angle, and are much more aggressive. Lamps enhanced with new fog lamps, which will help in bad and bad weather driving. 2016 Mazda 3 to come up with a redesigned hood, with several new exterior colors, new alloy wheels and size of some of the beautiful chrome details. Rumor has it that the engineer has several lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. 2016 BMW M6 Interior and Price It seems they want to reduce vehicle weight and improve even more power and fuel economy. The new interior Mazda 3 is very spacious and can accommodate a capacity for 5 people. The cabin will be equipped with high-quality materials and with many fine details brushed chrome and a soft cloth. 2016 Mazda 3 will be the latest technology features such as 7-inch touchscreen display with access to internet radio, web, email, etc. It also comes with a Bose audio system, Bluetooth, USB, smartphone connectivity and many other features to be.

2016 Mazda 3 Powertrain

When it comes to the performance of the new 2016 Mazda 3, under the hood probably 2.0-liter engine that produces 155 PS is SkyActiv. In addition to these models the new engine will be powered by a 2.5-liter engine. This machine is capable of producing around 185 horsepower. According to some rumors, it is expected that the new model has a diesel engine option SkyActiv, but we still do not know enough information. New Mazda 6 has a 6-speed automatic transmission 6-speed manual as standard and optional. For the first time in the Mazda 3, electricity is transmitted to all four wheels.

Release date and expected price

2016 Mazda 3 should hit showrooms sometime in the second half of 2015 from the 2016 model year. Be the base price expected for this beautiful car in around $ 18,000.


Motor bike thieves that targeted Seringa

1. Motor matic

mio soul gtPasaran matic  right now   is  kredit motor yamaha being stretched sharp.  with the   benefits   that happen

to be   straightforward   to be able to

drive,  ones  motor matic  is actually   furthermore   taken   for getting   a  adequate level

connected with  comfort, good  regarding  travel

within  The town   along with  between cities.  the   certainly   add   code  high enough  with the

motor matic,  Equally

well  In the same way   your  sale  rule   involving  each spare part.

Unfortunately,  these kind of   Problems  actually make matic  possibly be   the  target  ahead   of

an  perpetrators

of spoliation. Motor matic, notabenenya terms  of  performance not  Equally  good  As   your own

motor manual,  trouble-free

prey  with regard to  perpetrators robber  who  tend  to acquire  expertise  within  driving.

In addition,  almost all  motor matic driven  through  women,  which   coming from  nature  are

likely to be   consumed  weak  because of the  robber

gang,  in which  instead  will  facilitate  the   steps   throughout  motors begal victims.  your

after   usually are

some  of your  motor matic,  which is  likely  to   always be   ones  target  of any  perpetrators

robber branding mobil

Honda vario
Honda beat
Yamaha mio
Xeon Yamaha  and  Yamaha GT

2. Motor  inside   established  view

Other motor  people   This   are generally  targeted  by the  robber gang  are   your own   types

involving  motors  are usually  still

carrying machine  Needs   and also  standards  associated with  completeness. How do  my partner and

i   learn   these  motors have

standard specifications?  regarding   anyone   exactly who   know   the  automotive field,  It is

very  simple and easy   to name

the condition  of an  engine  and also the   recognized   look at   of your  motor.

A motor  having a  factory default display  is often  targeted  by the  robber, because:

total  sale  rule   can be  higher.
Results  associated with   official  pretelan  in addition   easier   to help  sell  with   a

great  hefty price.
Usually  established  motors, especially under 150CC engine capacity,  provides  performance

\’m  mediocre,

and  simple and easy   in order to  conquer.

3. Motor  having a  high price  on the  market.

There  are   some  motors  of which  still  get a  high price  at the  market.  through  depriving

an  motor  with a

high price,  subsequently   your  robber gang  is usually   less difficult   to help  sell  It

back,  since   That   is   several   that   usually are

looking  regarding   a  motor  throughout   overall   al well as  pretelan-pretelan parts  of an

motor. Usually  numerous  motors

which  apply for a  high  code   with the  market, among others:

Suzuki Satria F150
Honda Beat
Honda Vario
Yamaha Jupiter MX
Yamaha Mio Series
Yamaha Xeon  along with  GT Series

The best way to Brighten Face Mask Natural Uses

Korea’s booming trend apparently not your singular cause distributor kosmetik murah involving fashion style in addition to Korean TV series, but additionally how bermake up as well as bright face of any star. in order to follow ones trend It more and additional women tend to be vying to help brighten ones face using a approach to brighten the face obviously in addition to USE lightening products, to care doktersesuai by the financial capacity involving   icp capsule each.7

How for you to Brighten the face naturally inside mask

No harm feel transporting care of themselves to help shop further beautiful in addition to attractive, but examine throughout choosing a whitening creams It promise in order to whiten the face with a short time, As It is going to contain harmful chemicals. a person exactly who do not have your budget surplus for you to facials can try way brighten your own face within natural ingredients following.
Apparently many ingredients The item often exist with MY kitchen which they can use as being a face lightening ingredients, similar to fruits bengkoang, lemon, egg white in addition to lemon fruit. Here is often a recipe to make your own skin of course bright.

Egg white mask

The ingredients you have to make the egg white mask will be white eggs This have separated with the yolk. your trick, beat the egg whites until frothy after that apply on the whole face and also let sit regarding 15 minutes or even until ones mask dries then rinse thoroughly. your nutritious homemade mask to be able to clean your dirt for the face and so how the skin look brighter.
Masks lime

How to brighten your own face of course and simply and then is actually to utilize lime juice. your current trick, squeeze your own lemon juice and then apply the juice in the face in addition to let sit until dry then wash ones face throughout water. Lime have properties for you to shrink your current pores and also brighten the skin.
Masks bengkoang

Efficacy fruit bengkoang as being a skin lightening agent features definitely been well-known on the entire country. Therefore, many beauty items processed by these kinds of materials. for you to Build a face mask lightening, you only be asked to grate your own pieces regarding yam after that rub The idea on ones total face. supply mere seconds next rinse thoroughly.
Masks tomatoes

To make tomato mask You might do the same thing In the same way ones manufacture associated with masks bengkoang. tomatoes believed to brighten your own skin as well as eliminate acne along with blackheads.
By utilizing natural ingredients regularly, gradually You might obtain a bright face craving devoid of spending substantial money in addition to without endangering the health of a skin. by way of brightening the face naturally, you might be not threatened with the side effects involving harmful creams circulating illegally devoid of permission BPOM.

Maximum bright colors The idea will be obtained after your current above treatments are usually not In the same way white In the same way your skin involving women regarding Europe or even Korea because This really is genetically different. your own color white could be the maximum You might consider is with the skin under your arm or skin The idea are never exposed in order to solar radiation

Pineapple Fruit Benefits For Health

1. Treating Worms

Peel 1 pineapple young, then rinse thoroughly. Next, rinse with boiled water, then grate. Squeeze and strain results parutannya, and Drinks in children who wormy little by little.

2. Stomach feels full

When digestion is interrupted, the stomach will feel full even if only filled a little food. How to cope with drinking pineapple juice 3 times a day each 3/4 cup (approximately 150 cc). Perform this treatment half an hour before meals.54

3. sprains, bruises due to hit

If the Child or other family members have kesleo, bruises or bruises, treat with pineapple. The trick, peeled 1 ripe pineapple, cut into pieces, then juiced. Drinking water is collected at the same time.

4. Burns, itching and sores

In addition to palatable pineapple can also be used to treat some skin diseases such as skin burning, itching and skin ulcers. The trick, pineapple leaf wash thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Apply on the affected part.

5. Treat Sore throat

Sore throat interfere with your activities? 2 Peel the pineapple fruit that has been cooked, then rinse thoroughly. Cut into pieces, then juiced or grated. Next, squeeze using a piece of clean cloth. Drinking juice collected, 3 times a day, whenever reasonably 1/3.

6. Drug beriberi

Other benefits of pineapple fruit is treat the disease beriberi. How, peeled 2 ripe pineapple, then rinse thoroughly. Furthermore, juice or grated, then squeeze. Drinking water at the same feelings. Should be taken in the morning or during the day after eating.